Thursday, October 01, 2009

Vegan MoFo

Vegan Mo Fo VeganMoFo III: Vegan Month of Food, with over 320 Vegan Blogs Participating ( News from Hungry Hungry Veganos )

The 3rd Annual Vegan Month of Food (aka VeganMoFo) prepares to take the blogosphere by storm. Starting October 1st, over 320 Vegan bloggers from all around the globe will pledge to post at least five days a week for the whole month of October. The most dedicated participants try to blog all 31 days. Food writers, bloggers, and home cooks will write about what they eat, where they have eaten, what they cook, and where they are doing the cooking, all with the intention of showing off the wide and varied world of Vegan food and lifestyle.

VeganMoFo kicks off on October 1st and continues through the month of October. You can find the alphabetized list of all participating blogs online at Cake Maker to the Stars ( There you can also find a link to the public RSS feed, where anyone can browse the latest posts from all the participating blogs in one place! (

First organized by Vegan chef and cookbook author Isa Chandra Moskowitz (, Vegan MoFo has been gathering more and more enthusiasts each year. Participants begin brainstorming themes for their month-of-daily-entries with great enthusiasm. In previous years, bloggers have written about everything from Veganizing recipes to eating in foreign countries, to 31 days of Vegan Halloween-themed treats, to local restaurants, and to reviewing Vegan products. Posts include beautiful photographs, tantalizing recipes, and thoughtful musings.

What better way to warm up  for World Vegan Day at the Eco Veggie Fayre in London

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