Thursday, May 29, 2008

Search For Super Vegan Superhero

Super Vegan Superheroes Battle Environmentalists search for Supervegan Superhero

In these desperate times the search is on to find a Superhero to fight for truth, and justice, and against the American way of over consumption and un-sustainability.

Although there is high hopes for Oprah Winfrey now she has embarked on a vegan diet she falls short of expectations especially in the underwear department.

Tough times call for tough cookies (Wholegrain buckwheat perhaps?)

At Bristol Vegan Fayre a number of superheroes have stepped forward to take the mantle of Supervegan Superhero.

Eco Girl
Raw Food Man
Super Dinner Lady
Lush Man
The Invisible Man

On Sunday we'll find out the people's choice - The Vote follows the announcements of the Winners of the National BVF Vegan Awards

Super Vegan Superhero Lush Man Will Lush-man win the peoples' hearts? Has this smelly caped crusader got what it takes to clean up the planet? Will his vegetarian foibles lose him votes withh the hard core Vegans?

Come and See at the Bristol Vegan Fayre - Late Entries welcomed!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

BBC going vegan

Read our 60 second guide to... going vegan

BBC Vegan Supervegan heroes of the Week are...............The BBC. At last they have followed in the footsteps of BBC Food and loaded up a vegan page. Not much about Vegan diet effects on Carbon emmissions and saving the environment but it's a start none-the-less!

You learn more by going to the vegan festival in Bristol this weekend but like I said - it's a start.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Super Vegans Show Bad Manners for National Vegetarian Week

Vegan shows Bad Manners for National Vegetarian Week

Bristol Reggae event

Super Vegan Heroes at Hemp Heckling Yaoh Hemp Products in Bristol are planning extreme Bad Manners during National Vegetarian Week as they shout louder, bigger and bolder. Even in London it seems the most The Vegetarian Society can muster for National Vegetarian Week is a Lush Pamper Party Event and a Battle of The Bangers event in Croydon.

Meanwhile in Bristol Green Vegans are planning an awesome event with 10,000 people, the world's biggest vegan BBQ, shopping, talks, green stuff, cookery demos and an Awesome line up of bands set to Rock the UK. Not just Bad Manners, but Misty in Roots, Aswad, DreadZone and a host of others from world of Jazz, Ska , Reggae, Pop and Rock. There is even a best dressed Vegan Super Hero Competition so get your supervegan superhero costumes out of the dry cleaners

Bristol Vegan Fayre