Thursday, November 20, 2008

Something Fishy Mobile Vegan Catering

Something Fishy Mobile Vegan Catering

Vegan Fishy Superheroes need help!

vegan fish and chips The amazing world's first vegan fish and chip van is under threat within 12 months of it's start up. Seems the original van was a bit of a lemon and the volunteers need £20,000 for a new van.

If you know someone who could help the van is used by tens of thousands of people each year - a good opportunity for a company who makes eco friendly green vans I think or someone like Redwoods who make vegan fish alternatives (such as fishless fingers)

Perhaps you just have too big a tax bill this year and would rather it go to this worthy cause than towards fighting wars in Iraq etc.

Something Fishy Mobile Vegan Catering

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Vegan Catering Challenge Winners

Vegan Winners - catering challenge

Vegan Chef Winners and Judges Catering Challenge

The Vegan Society Challenge Winners 2008

Paul Russell, a Lecturer in Hospitality and Culinary Arts Management at University College Birmingham, scooped first prize (a cheque for £500).
Second prize (£200) was secured by Peter Walters, Executive Chef, Keele University based at Keele Hall – ‘the premier conference and fine dining experience in Staffordshire’.
Third prize (£100) was went to Richard Craig, Competing Chef at University of Glasgow Hospitality Services.
The other finalists were John Bayley (owner of Cashew - Creative Vegetarian and Vegan Catering, in Lewes, East Sussex); Wayne Shooter (Chef at HMP Whatton near Nottingham); and Terry Woolcock(Executive Chef at Hatherley Manor Hotel).

Monday, November 10, 2008

World Stinging Nettle Eating championship - Brightcove

World Stinging Nettle Eating championship - Brightcove

Is this the maddest Vegan pastime ever - A stinging Nettle eating competition! Now that's an extreme Sport!